Kindle Fire More Easily with New Fire Starter,

Fire Pack

Camp fire and barbecue are the highlights in camping.
However, kindling a fire with coal briquettes may involve much
heavy metals and carbon monoxides. How should we start a fire, then?
Now enjoy camping more comfortably.
Start a new camping with a fire starter, Fire Pack!
Fire pack is made of natural substances and it minimizes harmful substances.
It is also free from soot and easy to carry around.

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How to use

Bring Fire Pack for various outdoor activities such as camping and garden party. You can also use Fire Pack as alternative fuel or emergency disaster relief kit.
Utilize Fire Pack for different purposes.

4 small and light jute tapes are included in a pack for higher portability. with a bag of Fire Pack, you can kindle fire on charcoal or briquettes quickly and safety without
a separate fire starter or torch

Kindle fire on the edge of Fire Pack with a lighter or a match.

After 40~50 seconds, put charcoal, briquette, firewood on the fire.

Put a grill or a grill on the charcoal, briquette, or firdewood and
enjoy barbecue.


  • 1BOX – Paper Pack (5EA) [Paper Pack – 4 small 1.5 meter-long tapes]
  • Substances: Jute, Stearin, Paraffin Wax, Paper Pack (Added with stearin extracted and processed from Southeast Asian palm oil)
  • Weight : 80g (1pack)
  • Caution : Prevent infants and children from eating this product. Keep this product out of the reach of infants and children.
  • Be care of safety because you may get burns when fire gets stronger.
    When the product is not in use. Keep it in a cool place.

Safety with Natural Materials, Fire Pack

Natural material called jute is coated with paraffin and stearin made by
extracting natural coconut oil is added to reduce substances that are harmful
to human body. Fire Pack is safe to use and harmful substances such as
cadmium and lead are not detected before and after combustion.
Enjoy camping safely with a fire starter made of natural material with
minimum emission of harmful substances

Compare for Better Choice

(Test on Emission of Air Pollutant During Combustion)

  • CO(Carbon Monoxide), NO(Nitrogen Monoxide), PM25(Particulate Matter), I HCHO(Formaldehyde), TVOC(Volatile Organic Compound)
  • Nox is a generic term for nitrogen oxides and it refers to both nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide (NO, NO2)
Product Name Company Name Manufacturing Country Co [ppm] No [ppm] PM25 HCHO (mg/m3) TVOC (mg/m3)
Fire Pack HKC KR 67.6 4.9 79 0.001 0.002
Coal Briquette (Charcoal Briquette) KR 1796.3 133.4 ND 178 ND