Company Overview

Open Door of Daily Life Technology, Hinge Korea

Hinge Korea is a company specialized on development and production of turnkey base for functional home appliance modules. 

Hinge Korea has been developing and producing key parts of the global electric rice cooker brand, Cuckoo.

Hinge Korea also started manufacturing and distribution of original outdoor brand products based on its extensive component development and
mass production technologies accumulated since its foundation.


For the first product of 2020, Hinge Korea released “Fire Starter Tape” which is a fire starter made of jute. It also released “Portable Air Purifier for Car
and Indoor” with virus sterilization effect for the era of COVID-19. Now, Hinge Korea is releasing “Spark Pia”, a healthy firs starter made of natural mate
rials for replacing briquettes.


With smart factory-based production line, Hinge Korea seeks to enhance production capacity and reduce cost price to supply Fire Pack in more reaso
nable price and encourage global sales.

Hinge Korea All Products

Safety Device for Pressure

  • Safety Device for Residual Pressure Reaction
  • Anti-Explosion Safety Device

Safety Device for Steam Emission

  • Steam Emission Device for Temperature/Noise Reduction

Damping Hinges

  • Frictional Resistance Type
  • Fluid Resistance Type

Special-Purpose Modules

  • One-Touch Separation Device
  • Pressure Sensor Module
  • Current Filter Module
  • IR Sensor Module


Original Brand Products

  • Fire Starter Tape and Fire Pack
  • Air Purifier for Cars